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Cyma AR47 RIS (Nylon Fibre - Mosfet/QD Spring - Inc. Bat. & Charger - CM650A)

Reinforced Upgraded Polymer
Full Metal Gearbox
Quick Change Spring
Cyma Mosfet
Hi-Cap Magazine
Includes Battery and Charger
Adjustable Crane style stock
Flip up front and rear sights
Fires 1 Joule = 330 FPS

The New Cyma CM62 Range are superior than other M4 currently on the market like the G&G Raiders/Firehawks and comes with mosfet plus battery and charger. Making them a fantastic range to get yourself kitted out with to begin your pew pew life of fun.

Born from the idea of a soldier being able to resupply behind enemy lines and operators being able to leave a smaller footprint to conceal their presence, the  KAC SR-47 combines the familiar M4/M16 with the legendary 7.62x39mm cartridge used by the AK-47. The SR-47 was designed to allow operators to utilize munitions acquired on the field from the enemy in situations where resupply is not an option. Additionally the SR-47 has the added benefit of sounding like a typical AK-47 and not an M16 which helped mask an operators presence as well as being able to stay covert by not leaving any evidence such as casings from a NATO weapon.