CYMA AK47S Folding Stock Polymer

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The ergonomics of the stock are greatly improved over the traditional 'one size fits all' AK47 and AK74 stocks. This stock features a sliding buttstock, allowing users to extend or collapse the length of the stock through 5 positions, resulting in an AK platform with unsurpassed user ergonomics. Just like the real tactical AK stock, the buttpad features a rubberised, shock absorbing design, which allows for greater control over the weapon and a stable shoulder-grip. Finally, at the push of a button the stock can be folded to the right, allowing for a short-length assault rifle in CQB, and easing both transportation and storage of the gun. If you want to enhance your CYMA AK Airsoft electric gun's ergonomics and spruce up it's looks with something a little more modern, then this tactical stock is an excellent choice


  • Modern tactical AK stock
  • Unique, ultra-modern aesthetics
  • Fully adjustable design
  • Folding and extending ergonomic stock
  • Lightweight, polymer bodied design
  • Stock folds sideways to the right
  • Push button operated folding mechanism
  • Buttstock can be extended for comfortable length of pull
  • Five positions of adjustment
  • Pull lever operated extending mechanism
  • Rubberised, shock absorbing buttpad
  • Anti-slip textured surface for enhanced control