Cybergun - Thompson M1A1 Gas Blowback Rifle by AW - Faux Wood

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WE M1A1 Thompson GBB by Cybergun OEM Armour Works 

The Thompson M1A1 was conceived based on the Thompson M1928 SMG which we all know as the “Chicago Typewriter” with its iconic drum magazine and front vertical grip. The M1A1 was far simpler in its design and much cheaper to produce than its gangster-style cousin to get SMGs into the hands of soldiers as fast as possible during the early stages of WW2, and omits drum magazine compatibility and replaces the ribbed barrel with a smooth one, the complex sights with a simple fixed aperture sight and the vertical grip with a conventional horizontal grip for ease of manufacture. 

The M1A1 is the perfect thing for a US G.I WW2 reenactment setup, and this GBB version is strictly for those who demand the pinnacle of realism. This Thompson replica fires from an open bolt, just like the real thing, and is constructed with an alloy body and outer barrel, plenty of steel parts and detailed faux wood furniture to top it off. Shooting the CyberGun Thompson is unlike anything else on the market, even other GBBRs, as the open bolt system completely alters the feel of the platform and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who has the pleasure of shooting it. 

Starting at the tip of the outer barrel we can find the front sight assembly/muzzle cap which provides a straight blade which aligns perfectly with the rear aperture sight which is constructed from steel. The M1A1 omits the Cutts compensator of the earlier M1928 to save cost and weight, and the simple front end look of the M1A1 is one of its most recognisable differences from earlier models of Thomspon SMG. 

The barrel has a tapered profile, widening as it reaches the receiver to more effectively handle heat build up from full auto fire. The handguard is a horizontally oriented example with grooves on either side to allow a firm grip and a steel sling point at the front for an infantry-style two-point sling. Both of the sling points on the CyberGun Thompson are constructed from steel, guaranteeing ample strength to support the SMG provided your sling is up to the task. 

The receiver of the Thompson, like the barrel, is constructed from alloy with a matt dark grey finish applied which is a touch lighter than flat black, mimicking the real Thompson finish perfectly. The mock ejection port is located on the right side of the SMG, and at the front, you will notice the rotary HOP-up dial protruding. This rotary unit is not compatible with AEG HOP-up parts but is instead compatible with VSR-10 style HOP-up rubbers and inner barrels which are regarded as superior to AEG rubbers in design. This means though it is a GBBR, the Thomspon should be capable of decent accuracy when fired slowly, allowing you to take accurate single shots when needed. 

Opposite the ejection port, we can find a neat little detail which is not present on most AEG Thompsons. You will notice a riveted panel which represents the ejector of the real Thomspon which is a separate part on the real thing for ease of replacement. AEG versions often have this part moulded into the receiver cast which looks good at a distance, but any real Thompson fan will notice its cast nature. Little details like this really elevate GBBR platforms above AEGs in realism, and this type of feature really shows CyberGun’s dedication to realism with their Thompson M1A1 replica. 

To the rear of the ejection port, we have the charging handle which is constructed from steel and attaches directly to the bolt carrier. Like the real Thomspon, CyberGun’s replica fires from an open bolt, meaning you will need to rack the charging handle back before you insert the magazine. When the trigger is pulled the bolt will drop, fire the shot and then return to the rearmost position, ready for the next shot. This completely alters the feel of this Thompson GBBR, even when compared to other GBBRs as most shoot from a closed bolt. Shooting this beast will leave you with a sense of a time long past, and should impress even those seasoned GBBR users. 

The bolt carrier itself is constructed from alloy with a bare metal style finish applied, just like the real M1A1 Thompson. Just behind the charging handle track, we can see some of the absolutely gorgeous engraved trademarks of the Thomspon, reading “ AUTO-ORDNANCE CORPORATION WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A”. These markings are discretely and precisely engraved, a nice step up from licenced Thomspon AEGs which often have white laser engraved markings; not the most authentic touch for a 1940s design! The top of the receiver has an engraved Thomspon logo which is equally pristine, and “US PROPERTY” marked behind the rear sight. Over on the left side, we have the model details engraved in, reading “THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN CALIBER .6MM M1A1” with the serial number below. 

The fire controls of the Thomspon are all present on the left side, ideally placed for a right-handed shooter. The ergonomic aspects of these controls are interesting to say the least, but like AK fans, Thompson fans will make do with things being a bit more complex than an M4 as this is an important part of what makes the Thomspon unique. The fire selector is a dual selector setup and the front selector controls the fire mode, with a 180-degree turn between “SINGLE” and “FULL AUTO”. The rear selector is the safety, and when rotated to face the rear of the weapon the trigger will be locked. The selector positions are all marked with engraved markings.

The magazine release is also on the left side and takes the form of a paddle-style release with a textured contact surface to make it easier to use in wet weather. This mag release needs to be pushed upwards to release the magazine, and we advise you do this when you insert the magazine as well to minimise potential damage to the finish of the magazine. The magazine needs to be indexed with the groove on the front of the trigger guard before inserting which will guide the magazine nicely into the magwell and keep it straight for perfect feeding and avoiding the usual potential of wobble with GBBR mags causing a reduction in gas efficiency.

The stock of the Thompson follows the usual format, dropping down to allow space for a clear sight picture. The length of pull is rather long but once you have it shouldered everything feels natural and the sights are easily visible. The stock, pistol grip and handguard are constructed from faux wood style polymer which balances the good looks of wood with the easy maintenance and strength of modern polymers. The grain is deep and varied, and is the perfect tone and colour to mimic the real Thomspon's wood furniture. On the alloy butt plate of the stock, we have a cleaning kit port which can be used to store various cylindrical items (a roll of fruit pastels fits perfectly!). You could use this to store tools or spare batteries for other platforms, but tactical snacks are also an option. 

The CyberGun Thompson is manufactured for CyberGun by WE Tech Asia, meaning it is compatible with NPAS nozzles for the WE Thomspon system, and can be upgraded with aftermarket extras if you feel the need. As it comes, this Thompson shoots very well, with a rapid cyclic rate in both semi and full auto, and jarring recoil which feels totally different to any other GBBR we have checked out. As mentioned, the HOP-up system uses VSR-10 pattern HOP-up rubbers and inner barrels, meaning accuracy and range upgrades are absolutely on the cards if you require them. Like other GBBRs, when fired rapidly the FPS will fluctuate, but in semi-automatic the fluctuation is minimal, meaning this platform is absolutely skirmishable for those who like a challenge, or are already accustomed to using gas-powered primary weapons. 

Whether you are a WW2 reenactor or a die-hard Thompson fan, this Thompson will make you grin with joy and keep you grinning until the last round is fired. The combination of full metal construction with flawlessly engraved marking and a super realistic open bolt operating system makes this the ultimate Thompson replica. Have no doubt, the only more realistic option is the real thing! 


  • Full metal construction
  • Steel sling points, rear sight, body pins and charging handle
  • Impressive recoil - The most realistic Thompson experience!
  • Detailed faux wood stock, pistol grip and handguard
  • Aperture iron sights - Simple and effective, a perfect match for the real M1A1
  • Front and rear sling points - Steel construction, nice and strong 
  • Compatible with VSR-10 type inner barrels/HOP-up buckings
  • Open bolt gas system - Perfectly replicates the real thing
  • 50 round gas magazine - Easily loaded with the included Dino speed loader w/GBB adapter
  • Dual fire selector system - Front selector for semi/full, rear selector for safe/fire
  • Rotary HOP-up unit - Accessible through the ejection port
  • Textured magazine release - Unconventional but nice and grippy
  • Beautifully engraved Auto-Ordnance markings - No white, only deep, crisp engravings
  • OEM: WE Tech Asia
  • Markings:
    • CALIBER. 6MM M1A1
    • NO.A20171100502

Major Color - Black

Length - 815mm

Barrel Length - 270mm

Blow Back - Yes

Hop-up - Adjustable

Shooting Mode - Semi/Fully Automatic

Magazine Capacity - 30-50 rnds 

Power Source - HFC134a & HFC22 Gas Power