Cyber Gun / Armorer Works - DESERT EAGLE L6 .50AE (BLACK) GBB

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The Desert Eagle has been hailed as the king of bad-guy guns since it's conception in 1982; probably thanks to it's absolutely imposing stature and the ungodly huge .50AE round that it fires. This Gas Powered Airsoft replica from CyberGun has been given the full treatment in the form of a Fully Licensed Design, amazing use of Metal on the slide as well as an upper and lower 20mm rail for accessories. Oh and did we mention the recoil? Oh my goodness... the recoil.

The externals of the Pistol are almost exclusively made from Alloy, with the exception of the Pistol Grip pad. The Alloy has been given a brushed steel effect which is very similiar to that of the Colt Rail Gun (another extremely well made CyberGun pistol). The slide is adorned with Magnum Research and Desert Eagle trademarks as well as the .50AE marking which Vinny Jones made us all love. At the rear of the slide is a Trigger Disconnect Safety which will prevent the Trigger from firing then gun when activated. Aggressive vents at the front of the slide help complete the look, and both an upper and lower 20mm rail give you the option of attaching Sights, Lasers, Torches and more.

The absolutely huge magazine holds a large amount of gas which helps this beast churn through an entire magazine of BBs with no issues. As with all Desert Eagle replicas, the feed lips are very tight. We recommend pinching the feedlips with your fingers when using a Speedloader, or just use the included Tube Style Speedloader to get the job done. The gas is inserted from the bottom fill valve like any other Gas Magazine. The adjustable HOP can be tweaked by using an Allen Key to turn the Grub Screw found inside the breech, near the top of the slide. This will help lift your BBs downrange, and is especially potent when combined with the use of heavyweight (0.25g+) BBs.

If you're a fan of the Desert Eagle platform (especially the latest modernisation of the platform), then there really is no substitute for the Cyber Gun Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Pistol. Amazing external construction, 20mm rails and enough recoil to potentially cause a repetitive stress injury - what's not to love?


  • Desert Eagle .50AE Replica
  • Officially Licensed Design
  • Earth-Shattering Recoil
  • Gas Powered
  • Brushed Steel Effect
  • Amazing Metal Externals
  • Smooth Slide Travel
  • 20mm Railed Slide
  • 20mm Underframe Rail
  • Huge Gas Reservoir
  • 28rnd Gas Magazine
  • Aggressive Compensator Vents
  • Huge Airsoft Pistol
  • Tube Speedloader Included
  • Grub Key HOP Adjustment
  • Realistic Field Stripping
  • Compensate For Something
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    • 20190801836

Package Includes

  • Cyber Gun Desert Eagle .50AE GBB Pistol
  • 28rnd Gas Magazine
  • Tube Speedloader
  • User Manual

Special Instructions

As with all Desert Eagle replicas, the Feed Lips on this model are quite stiff, you're not loading it wrong. We recommend pinching the feed lips with your fingers whilst holding your Speedloader against the top. Alternatively, use the included Tube Speedloader to fill with ease.

Please note, this Desert Eagle will not function with CO2 magazines.