CRKT - Minimalist Bowie - Black (Alan Folts Design)



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The CRKT Minimalist Bowie was built explicitly for anything that needed to be cut. These compact fixed blade neck knives with rugged handles come in various styles.

In the woods or around the house, they feel equally at home. Designed by Alan Folts of Melbourne, FL, a dedicated custom knife instructor with over 20 years of experience, he cares deeply about helping folks learn about knives as tools and passing along the skills of custom knife making to others. 

These svelte dynamos pack a lot into their compact fixed blade knife designs. Available in plain edge Wharncliffe, tanto and Bowie style blades, they rip through various cutting tasks better than most knives of comparable size.

You owe yourself to see how something so compact can come up so big with such great control. Let your first two fingers take hold of the polished resin-infused fibre handle. Wrap the last two around the cord fob for extra grip. Then see where you can go with it from there.

You'll find it's tough to argue against the value of having a knife with you, especially one as versatile and comfortable as the Minimalist.

It's slim in design only, not features. They all come with a versatile carry sheath. Not that you'll be keeping them in there for long.

Take your favourite with you for when you might need it most—all of the time. .

Overall Length - 5.13" (130.18mm)

Blade Length - 2.13" (53.98mm)

Blade Steel - 8Cr13MoV

Blade Edge  - Plain

Weight - 1.60oz (45.36g)

Blade Thickness - .11" (2.74mm)

Handle - Resin Infused Fibre

Style - Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

Sheath Material - Thermoplastic

Sheath Weight - 0.50oz (14.17g)

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