Cow Cow - Aluminum Trigger T1 for TM Hi-Capa (Silver)



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The T1 trigger from CowCow is a fantastic choice for anyone building a custom Airsoft Hi-capa GBB that needs to double tap double time! This trigger is CNC machined from 6061 aluminium, guaranteeing a precise fit, tight tolerances and the perfect combination of high rigidity and low weight. The trigger is finished in a Silver finish.

The front face of the trigger is curved to encourage effective finger positioning for the most consistent and repeatable trigger pull, even when going full speed! The T1 trigger also features adjustable trigger overtravel, provided by a grub screw inset into the trigger itself. This allows you to reduce the movement of the trigger after the hammer is fallen, preventing you from wasting time and movement and speeding up your double taps!

This trigger would be a fantastic choice for a CQB primary pistol build, or for a Hi-capa GBB built for competitive shooting. The trigger speed, comfort and looks provided by the CowCow T1 are practically unparalleled!


  • CNC 6061 Aluminium construction
  • Gorgeous "heat gradation" finish
  • Curved front face to encourage proper finger positioning
  • Adjustable overtravel - Faster follow-up shots!
  • Skeletonised design - High strength, low weight
  • Compatible with the Tokyo Marui Hi-capa GBB pistol and clones

Package Includes

  • CowCow Aluminium Trigger T1 For TM Hi-Capa GBB