Cow Cow - Aap-01 Stainless Steel Hammer Set

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he AAP-01 SS Hammer Set includes replacements for your original hammer, sear, firing pin/valve knocker, and axis pin. These parts are precisely machined from stainless steel finished alloy, and are treated to MAF polishing to ensure smooth operation and reduced friction between parts. If you want some assurance your AAP will last forever, a strengthened hammer group is a good start!

The set is CNC machined for additional precision and is strengthened in order to prevent warping and structural damage from repeated, hard use.

Full hammer group set
Includes hammer, sear, valve knocker and axis pin
Stainless Steel finish
Alloy Construction
For Action Army AAP-01 GBB
Package Includes
CowCow AAP-01 SS Hammer Set