Complete V2 Gearbox with EBB Rear Wired



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Broken gearbox and need a drop in replacement?

This gearbox has a quick change spring system that allows you to change the spring without having to open up the gearbox.

It rear wired and has the EBB on the bolt cover.

Features of v.2 HYBRiD Gearbox:
* quick change spring system
* spring 110 m/s (350 FPS +/-10%)
* polished and buffed surface skeleton of gearbox with corrosion protection
* steel gears
* 8mm steel ball-bearing
* bearing directional piston head
* cylinder type 1 with hole
* sealed aluminum nozzle
* bearing spring guide has 4 locking legs instead of 2 which extra secure spring while shooting
* electric blow-back
* complete wiring and a trigger


Fully Compatible with Airsoft Guns using V.2 Gearbox.