Cyma - MP5SD6 (CM041SD6)

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Look at any model of Mp5 and most people will recognize it. This is the SD or Suppressed version of the MP5 range and its a true classic used by Special Forces all over the world and and seen in films.

Its is made mostly of metal. ABS is only the lower part of the body along with pistol grip (this is one part), and front grip. The unique Metal suppressor is not only "for show", it really makes a difference to the sound produced by this AEG.
If needed, you could upgraded the inner barrel length with longer inner barrel for better accuracy.
Fire selector switch works both sides, left and right.
Metal stock is covered with a layer of rubber and can be folded in three positions.
Included is a hicap magazine and a battery and charger (2 pin adapter required)


Length: 640mm/ 730mm
Mag. Capacity: 200 rounds
Hop Up Type: Adjustable
Velocity: 370 Fps +/-10%
Weight: 3200