Classic Army - M249 Para Support Weapon

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Do you want to intermediate the opposing team, or just do a spot of weight training while you are out in the field ?
If the answer is yes to either question then the M249 is the beast for you, its sheer size and weigh has a intermediating effect even before it bursts into life.

The Mk2 is fitted with a full stock which allows enough space for a large battery that will keep the beast running all day.

This M249 is constructed of metal the only plastic parts being the stock, pistol grip and the top heat shield cover.


Classic Army M249 Para 

Super heavy Built over 5kg

330 FPS (0.20's)

510mm inner barrel

Quick change spring

Spare M100 spring included

M4 / M16 hicap included

Foldable Bipod is easy to deploy with 3-Level Adjustable Height