Classic Army - M132 Micro Minigun - HPA/AEG

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Classic Army's decade of daring design, experience and knowledge has added another innovative feather to this Hong Kong company's cap: the Classic Army M132 Microgun HPA/Gas Airsoft Gun.

The long-awaited Classic Army M132 Microgun has finally become a reality as a functional minigun-style airsoft gun. The M132 has a reinforced polymer construction with an exceptionally light weight of 9 pounds.

The light weight and compact design of this microgun will definitely assist you while carrying this monster all day on the field. Integrated into the M132 is a 2,200-round magazine compartment spring loaded to ensure it will feed BBs in any direction the airsoft gun is facing, in fact the M132 has more ammo capacity than it’s bigger brother the M134. You will have enough ammo to come out on top in even the longest battles.

This gun delivers the power to suppress your opponents with its fire rate of 38 rounds per second. This airsoft M132 is also highly customisable.

The 4x barrel system is compatible with standard AEG barrels, hopups and buckings for simple access to upgrade the M132.

The system rotates the barrels with an electronic motor powered with a battery up to 12 volts/5 amps (11.1v LiPo recommended).

Shooting the M132 Microgun requires either an HPA rig setup (adjustable FPS, depending on regulator/PSI output) or a green gas canister that is inserted into the airsoft gun. Set your primary rifle aside and equip yourself with the Classic Army M132 Microgun to dominate the field. Check out our airsoft minigun YouTube video.


Manufacturer: Classic Army
Model: M132 Microgun
Muzzle Velocity: 300-350 FPS ( Adjustable Depending on Regulator / PSI )
Magazine Capacity: 2200 rds ( Integrated )
Weight: 9 lbs
Battery: Compatible Up To 12 Volts / 5 Amps (11.1v LiPo Recommended)
Projectile Power: HPA / Green Gas Canister (For Use w/ 110 PSI SLP Only)
Package Includes: Gun


  • Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Lightweight Design
  • Powered w/ HPA Rig or Green Gas Canister
  • 38 Rounds Per Second Fire Rate
  • Adjustable Hop Up Unit for the 4x Barrels
  • Compatible w/ Standard AEG Barrels, Hopups, & Buckings
  • Spring Loaded Magazine - positive feeding in any orientation of the weapon
  • Electric Motor Driven 4x Rotating Barrels
  • Joystick Style Trigger w/ Grip Safety