C-Tech - Aegis Enhanced Mosfet DAS

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Maximise the potential of your GBLS DAS with this fully integrated upgrade developed in collaboration with and manufactured by Perun Airsoft.

The DAS is an awesome platform that unfortunately suffers from a few weaknesses. Big spikes in current have been known to damage the electronics before the fuse is able to blow. GDR15s have been known to turn into expensive paperweights when playing in inclement weather.

Built with robust high spec components, the AEGIS offers increased reliability with full circuit protection as well as offering some useful extra features.

  • Full circuit protection
  • All weather performance
  • Electronic resettable fuse
  • Low battery warning

WARNING! - The Power-OFF lever must be depressed prior to connecting a battery.

NOTE - The system does not have an auto cut off. When performing gearbox checks, the Power-OFF lever should be used to manually stop the gearbox cycling.


  • Installation of this product requires full disassembly of the DAS gearbox. It is very easy to cause damage without in-depth knowledge of the process. We will not be held liable for damage caused during the installation process.
  • The supplied o-ring must be used to insulate the board from the gearbox case


Upon battery connection

  • Short beep : system is in normal operation
  • Long beep followed by short beep : fuse has been tripped and reset
  • Constant beeps : low battery

During use

  • 2 short beeps every 2 seconds : low battery