Bolt - MP5J Swat AEG (Non-Recoil) Sliding Stock

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The iconic Anti Terrorist Weapon, this version of the MP5 is based on the HK MP5A3 which a select fire weapon capable of either full auto and semi auto.

The sliding stock of this version make the MP5 ideal for playing in a CQB setting, the Bolt MP5 has a folded and welded steel body, retractable stock, improved fire selector switch, threaded barrel for attachment of suppressors or other muzzle breaks and supplied with a 220 round magazine. This is the non recoil version on the Bolt.

Built Material: Aluminium/ABS, Nylon & Glass Fibre and Steel
Shooting Modes: Semi, Full-auto
Magazine Capacity: 200rnd
Length: 560mm-700mm
Weight: 2740g
Hop-up: Adjustable
Power Source: 7.4V22C(Li-Po) or 9.6V(Ni-mh or Ni-Cd)