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The Chiappa Firearms Rhino 60DS .357 Magnum Revolver is made under official license from Chiappa, and is made to be a perfect replica of the real thing from look and feel to the weight in the hand. It's so great to see a product like this come on to the market, because you can actually tell that Chiappa wanted this replica to do their Revolver justice. The perfection in the materials and assembly, as well as the quality of life features makes for a real winner in our eyes. The Pistol comes included in a Chiappa Firearms branded Hard Case with the foam already cut to the Revolver, which is a nice touch.

The entire Pistol is manufactured from Alloy, with the exception of the Faux Wood Pistol Grip Covers, which is where most of the (over 1kg) total weight comes from. Not only is the Revolver heavy, but it is perfectly assembled with absolutely no movement between joining surfaces, and a near-perfect seal between the Barrel and Chamber. Inside the Barrel is a Fixed HOP Unit which is an absolute must-have for an Airsoft Revolver, allowing you to use heavier BBs to achieve better consistency.

Other quality of life features include a Two Stage Trigger that can just be pulled as normal, or cocked via the Hammer (which actually actuates an Internal Hammer), to make the Trigger more responsive and easier to pull. A handy 'Fire Status Indicator' will let you know whether the Hammer has been cocked or not by raising a red-coloured rod near the Hammer when it is ready to fire. A Trigger Lock Safety can be found behind the Hammer should you want to properly lock off the Trigger. A set of Adjustable Ironsights allow you to fine tune your BB Impact point and get it firing perfectly, and the 20mm Pistol Accessory Rail can be used for a range of Torches, Lasers and more.