BO Manufacture - FABARMS STF/12 11" Compact Gas Shotgun - OD

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BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 Compact 11" Gas Shot gun in OD 

This tactical shotgun is a fully licensed product and is OEM’d by VFC. The build quality on the STF/12 is fantastic no creaking or wobble that you might find on some other brand of gas shotguns.

The STF/12 is powered by a remevoable gas tank that sits in the Pistol Grip, unlike the TM Breacher you don’t need to remove the gas tank to refill the STF/12 with gas.

Being able to select either a devastating 6bbs per trigger pull or a more conservative 3bbs the opposing team will definitely know that they are up against a bad ass shotgun. The sound when racking the STF/12 is enough to intermediate the most seasoned of player.

The STF/12 has all the same features found on the real steel shotgun, except it fires 6mm bbs.


  • Heavy duty metal alloy receiver & barrel assembly
  • Officially licensed FABARM design and trademarks
  • Switchable 3-shot / 6-shot system
  • Gas powered pump action design mimics the action of the real deal; light pump action for fast follow up shots
  • Compatible will all Marui style shotgun shell magazines