BO Dynamics - SPR180 BAW-R (DE/Tan)

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The ultimate SPR ?

This SPR180 from BO Dynamics might just be the ultimate in SPR's in the Airsoft AEG's

The BO/Lonex BAW-R stands for Blow-Back Adaptive Weapon - Recoil Gen.2.
This is the ultimate experience in Electric Blow-back with recoil through a unique patented system that offers a reliable strong kick and smooth operative response

Velocity 420 Fps
Real Cap Mag. 30 rd
300mm Steel Tight Bore Barrel 6,03mm
High Speed & High Torque Motor
Full Teeth Piston
Enhanced Gear Box
Aluminum Cylinder Head
SP120 Performance Spring
Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide
Anti Heat Electric Switch
Anti-Heat Selector Plate
Steel Trigger
Steel Bearings
Heat Resistant Silver Wire
20% more recoil
Steel CQD Sling Swivel Mount
Barrel 18" (509mm)
Free float rail  12" (305mm)


*Accessories shown for illustration only and not included with the AEG