Big Dragon - PTS EPF Style Long Vertical Grip

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Big Dragons take / copy of the PTS EPF Vertical Foregrip is Ideal if you have a front wired AEG and dont want to run a PEQ box as the grip doubles up as a battery storage / compartment 

The Enhanced Polymer Foregrip, or EPF for short, is a simple yet highly functional polymer foregrip for any gun needing additional front end support.

The EPF Foregrip has a carefully conceived streamlined ergonomic design. The resulting EPF is not only stylish but also extremely comfortable to use. The standard length EPF has a storage compartment with a sliding access plate at the base, and passes through channels at the top for wiring. This allows the EPF to store certain airsoft appropriate lithium polymer batteries for front wired electric airsoft guns (thereby removing the need for a battery box) or to store other miscellaneous items and tools.


  • - Light weight.
  • - Low-drag snag free design prevents tangling of the gun with molle gear, the user's sling and other kit.
  • - Clean lines and elegant design provides improved aesthetics and ergonomics.
  • - Can be mounted in either direction depending on the shooter's needs and preference.
  • - Flat sides gives the shooter more torsion for improved yaw control when manipulating the rifle.
  • - Aggressive 360° texturing to increase surface traction but strategically panelled with comfort in mind.
  • - Storage compartment and pass through channels for battery storage on front wired airsoft guns or storage of small miscellaneous tools and items.
  • - Easy and simple installation.
  • - Compatible with any picatinny railed surface.
  • - Battery Storage Capacity – 100 x 21 x 16mm