Big Dragon - Molle Holster Platform A Type

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A small yet incredibly practical piece of kit, this platform is like nothing you have ever seen before. A MOLLE back plate to allow you to fit any 3 stud polymer retention holster at any angle of rotation you desire. Simple fold out the legs, weave them through your MOLLE then friction fold and lock them back into a closed position. Secure, versatile, lightweight and allows you to holster your pistol anywhere you have MOLLE be it on your RIG, drop leg panel or rucksack.


  • Holster your pistol straight onto your MOLLE RIG
  • Easy to mount to any MOLLE vest or drop leg panel
  • No tools required to fit to MOLLE
  • Does not include any holster, this is compatible with many holsters with a removable backing plate with a 3 point screw fitting such as NUPROL's range of polymer retention holsters
  • Allows you to have your holster rotated to any angle on your MOLLE rig
  • Foldable legs pressure lock in place to keep it in your RIG secure

Package Includes:

  • MOLLE Holster Platform A Type 

Special Instructions:

Holsters are not included with this item, this is purely a backing plate that you weave through your MOLLE setup. Fold out the legs, weave the legs down one side then lever the unit closed and the legs then pressure lock in place at the bottom. You do not need to remove any screws to fit this unit to a MOLLE RIG, drop leg pannel or bag.