Battle Axe - Ultra M4/16 Dual Hi-Cap 1000rds

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Want to be a support gunner with out the weight of a support gun
Or not keen on carrying loads of mags in the field ?

If either of these is you then this 1000rd Hi-Cap magazine is for you

This BattleAxe electric-winding Magazine is one of the most realistic looking Airsoft magazines on the market and holds 1000rds!

The Battle Axe Dual Ultra Hi Cap Electric Winding Magazine is a huge advance in magazine technology, lowering the cost of the highly-coveted electric powered, electric winding 800rd high capacity mag to a point where many more players are able to enjoy it without breaking the bank.

A rechargeable battery is included with the dual mag, and comes complete with charger so you never have to hassle with swapping out AA or AAA batteries.

Another great feature with this magazine is that it includes the standard winding wheel, just in case your batteries die mid-game

The BattleAxe Dual Electric-Winding Hi-Cap magazine is constructed from high quality metal and ABS plastic, ensuring that it is both lightweight and durable.

This magazine is perfect for would be support gunners, who need large amounts of ammo but don't want an overly cumbersome loadout. This magazine is a fraction of the size and weight of an electric drum magazine, and holds nearly the same amount of ammo! The magazine holds up to 800 BBs comfortably, and features a button on the front of the magazine which activates the internal magazine winding motor.

The incredibly fast electric winding feature of this Dual Electric Hi Cap is perfect for support gunners, and is sure to give you a tactical advantage out on the field.