Arthurian - Excalabur Reclaimer AEG (2021 Gearbox)

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Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Reclaimer (2021 Version)

New for 2022 is the Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur reclaimer which is based on the Vietnam era M16 with and M203 grenade launcher attached to the bottom.

The Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Veteran Vietnam era M16 AEG is based on the original Colt M16, a model which is rarely seen on the market. The front end of the model has a classic triangular style heatshield and an under-barrel M203 grenade launcher. The flash hider is the original, tri-pronged, tulip and made from aluminium. The front sight post is the ‘A-frame’ style with a bayonet lug which can accept most rubber/training M7 or M9 bayonets.

The fire selector settings are engraved with the typical ‘Safe’, ‘Semi’ & ‘Auto’ setting and there is a selector switch that clicks positively into place on each firing mode. The buffer tube is 55mm long due to the fixed stock. It prevents the stock from coming loose and supports the weight in the rear.

The Excalibur Reclaimer has the Exchange and Chrono spring system typical of the Excalibur range. The Reclaimer M16 AEG has a quick change spring guide and gearbox allowing you to change the spring quicker than normal gearboxes. The stock must be removed first before you can access the quick-change system.

The gun has a similar design to the original Vietnam era M16, and the pistol grip is based on this. The main difference is that it comes with a 30 round style magazine instead of the short 20 round style. The body is more of a matte grey than black as well.

There is enough room in the stock fit a large type 9.6v NiMH battery, and smaller batteries can also fit into the stock.

The gearbox

The gearbox is extremely well made. It resembles most mid-range AEGs in terms of the components it is built with. All guns in the Excalibur series come preinstalled with 8mm bearings and a 15 metal tooth piston.

2021 Model

The 2021 model Excalibur Reclaimer now feature an inbuilt MOSFET into the trigger board and a rotary hop unit. MOSFETs help protect the trigger contacts from being burnt out when using 7.4v or 11.1v LiPo batteries, increases the efficiency of the battery allowing for more shots per charge and increase the overall performance of the gearbox with a slight increase rate of fire and snappier trigger response.

The rotary hop unit improves the stability of the hop and negates any chance of it coming loose as a result of vibrations. As a result, the hop will be more consistent and give you ore adjustment allowing for finer tuning for heavier BBs.


  • Aluminium body with polymer stock and handguard
  • The adjustable rear sight and fixed front sight
  • Grenade Launcher included
  • Front and back sling loops
  • 14mm CCW thread
  • Quick change spring
  • Comes with a 300 round high cap magazine
  • Runs of a 7.4v lipo or 7.4v li-ion
  • Average FPS: 335
  • Length: 1003mm
  • Inner barrel length: 500mm