Arthurian Airsoft - Sabre Fawn M4 AEG 9.3" M-LOK

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The first of the new models from Arthurian Airsoft is the Excalibur Sabre Fawn as with all of the Arthurian Airsoft models these are designed with the UK Airsoft Player in mind, the consistently produce FPS results between 330 - 345 with 0.20g bb this makes these AEG's competitive straight out of the box without the need to spend extra on upgrades.

To make the Sabre stand out from the flock of other M4's available its been outfitted with some tacticool parts.
Mk16 Geissele Style 9.3" M-LOK Rail System, AAC Style 4 Pronged Flash hider, KAC Style Flip Up Iron Sights and to top it off a butterfly style charging handle.

These little additions plus the standard features you get on all of the Arthurian Airsoft AEG's like the quick change spring system, which can be completed in under 30 secs without tools.

To improve the already great performance all of the new models from Arthurian Airsoft are supplied with a SHS Rotary Hop Unit, the benefit of a rotary hop is these are more stable and less prone to the hop unwinding due the impact of the piston on the cylinder head in the gearbox.