Arthurian Airsoft - Excalibur Offspring – Midnight (2023 Version)

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The airsoft rifle is part of the Arthurian Airsoft ‘Excalibur’ range of AEGs. There are several different models within this range, and something suitable for every player. The Excalibur AEGs are constructed fully using metal, with the option to add external parts so you can personalise the gun.

The Excalibur Offspring is available in two colours, Crimson and Midnight. Named after the Glatisant beasts own evil offspring, this model is an M4 variant perfect for CQB.

The front end of the Excalibur Offspring features a 7.25″ rail system (including the ‘teeth’) and a 6″ outer barrel. A perfect example of a lightweight, short AEG for CQB. The rail system itself can accept keymod rails along the 7 sides. The Crimson model only allows for smaller rails as the keymod holes are limited the rear of the rail, whereas the Midnight model has rail slots going all along the whole system.

You have the option to change between fire selector settings, with choices standard ‘safe,’ ‘semi’ & ‘auto’ settings.

The Gearbox

The gearbox is extremely well-made. It resembles most mid-range AEGs in terms of the components it is built with. All guns in the Excalibur series come preinstalled with 8mm bearings, a 15 metal tooth piston, enhanced tappet plate and quick-change spring gearbox

The Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Offspring model comes with a thin MFT type stock. You can easily fit a 7.4v stick battery in the stock tube. To install the battery, simply pull the adjustment lever down and slide the stock off to gain access to the stock tube. There are 6 positions available to adjust the stock to, giving you plenty of choice for shooting configuration.


  • Aluminium construction with polymer stock
  • CQB M4
  • Keymod handguard
  • Adjustable stock
  • 14mm CCW thread
  • QD sling points in stock
  • Single point sling plate
  • Comes with 300 round high cap magazine
  • Runs off 7.4v lipo or li-ion batteries
  • 8mm bearing
  • Reinforced tappet plate
  • 15 metal tooth piston
  • Average FPS: 335
  • Length (stock collapsed): 590mm
  • Length (stock extended): 674mm
  • Inner barrel length: 180mm