Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Crusader M16 / M203 AEG

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Arthurian Airsoft has released the 'Excalibur' range of AEGs with something for every player. The Excalibur AEGs are all full metal construction with numerous styles of external parts to compliment and individualise every variant.

The Excalibur Crusader is the heaviest and largest model of the Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur range of AEGs. Named after soldiers from the religious crusades spanning from the 11th to 13th century. The term 'Crusader' has been used for tanks, jets, military operations and now this M16A3 AEG. Fitted out the box with an M203 grenade launcher, the Crusader can be used to fire 40mm moscarts and TAG rounds from the under barrel attachment. Complete with the standard mock heatshield as the upper half of the handguard.

The outer barrel measures at 19" with a 500mm inner barrel. The front sight is a fixed 'A' frame sight and it uses a standard delta ring should you wish to remove the launcher and replace it for a standard handguard. The launcher itself has it's own safety and trigger guard meaning that accidental discharge is very unlikely.

The M203 launcher is easy to operate, simply hold down the release button on the side, slide the barrel forward and then you can load the moscart shell (not included). Then simply pull it back until it locks in place.

The upper receiver has the standard 20mm Picatinny rail on the top, with the standard carrying handle already attached. If the handle is removed, you will see the laser engraved 'T' number markings. The forward assist, although dummy, still moves back and forth when pressed. A nice design feature compared to some fixed, moulded forward assists. The dust cover locks into place and flips down when the charging handle is pulled, this also reveals the hop up unit. When the mock bolt plate comes back, it locks into place so the user can easily adjust the hop up without having to keep pulling the charging handle back. This can be released again by pressing the bolt stop on the lower receiver.

The lower receiver noticeably bears the 'Excalibur' logo laser engraved on the left side of the mag well. The bolt release, as mentioned before, releases the locking bolt plate. The fire selector settings are engraved with the standard 'Safe', 'Semi' & 'Auto' setting with a selector switch which clicks positively into place on each firing mode.

The Gearbox:
The gearbox is very well constructed with components you'd expect from most mid-range AEGs, however, the Excalibur series comes preinstalled with 8mm bearings, a 15 metal tooth piston, enhanced tappet plate and of course the E&C spring change system.

This model comes with a fixed position, solid stock giving you plenty of battery space in the rear. Although this is the same as the Veteran model, the Crusader is installed with the E&C quick change spring system. Simply unscrew the stock, slide it off and it reveals the removable nut at the back meaning it takes a little longer than 30 seconds, but a lot less than removing the gearbox.

Technical Specifications:
- Overall length: 1000mm (1 Metre)
- Outer barrel length: 19"
- Inner barrel length: 500mm
- Average FPS: 335-340
- Thread size: -14mm
- Main body material: Aluminium
- Colour(s): Black
- Magazine size: 300 High capacity magazine