Arthurian Airsoft - Bastion M4 AEG 11.5"

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Another of the new models from Arthurian Airsoft is the Excalibur Bastion as with all of the Arthurian Airsoft models these are designed with the UK Airsoft Player in mind, the consistently produce FPS results between 330 - 345 with 0.20g bb this makes these AEG's competitive straight out of the box without the need to spend extra on upgrades.

The Bastion is not just another M4 AEG its more that the some of its parts which leads it to being just different enough from other M4 types currently available.
Starting from the back of the weapon you will find a Vltor Style original Modstock fitted with a rubber butt pad and which has 5 locking positions so you will be able to get the length that's comfortable for you. Ambidextrous sling point for both right and left handed users, the lower receiver is metal construction and the normal AR / M4 configuration and style, left hand side fire control and bolt release and magazine catch on the right. Its the upper receiver that things start to get interesting.
No plain AR upper receiver for the Arthurian Airsoft Bastion in its place is a Vltor Style MUR (Modular Upper Receiver) a bright sliver forward assist button on the right hand side and pull the charging handle back the dust cover opens up and reveals a gold fake bolt which locks to the rear to give better access to the new SHS Rotary Hop unit which is now standard on the new Arthurian Models, hit the bolt release on left hand side the bolt flies back forward with a nice clunk.
Now the front rail / handguard, this is the part that will catch your eye first at just under 11.5" from the front to back of the rail its 11.5" of uniqueness, in both the Real Steel world and in Airsoft, its in fact inspired by the Salient Arms International QD Rail with Jailbreak Muzzle Device.
The top of the rail is standard 22mm RIS which allows you to mount any kind of accessory you will want, at the front of the rail both sides and the lower section have approx. 2" RIS sections, its in the middle of the rail is a contoured portion that is M-LOK (two slots on sides, one on lower) this might sound odd but it saves weight and your front hand just fits like a glove in this area. The muzzle has a look all of its own and has been given a few names "Snakehead, Jailbreak" but what ever you know it by its certainly different. The outer of the muzzle can be removed to expose an AAC Style 4 Pronged Flash Hider.

Couple the above with the build quality and backup service from Arthurian Airsoft and the Bastion is sure to be a popular model in their range of AEG's