Army Armaments - R17 Gen 4 (Metal Slide) GBB - Black

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Army Armaments - R17 Gen 4 (Metal Slide)  

This weapon is Army Armaments take on the ever popular Glock 17 Gen 4 pistol, as with the real glock 17 this Army R17 has a polymer frame and metal slide which adds some heft to the pistol and is noticeably heavier than a full polymer weapon. 

The improvements between the Real Glock 17 Gen3 and Gen4 are subtle but notable and have been replicated by Army on their Airsoft version, these include the following:

Change of grip pattern on frame 
Increased size of magazine release catch 
Adjustable back straps
Increased recoil rod size and spring

The pistols magazine has a capacity of 22bbs