Army Armament - R604 Hi-Capa Gas Blow Back Pistol

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The R604 is a Hi-Capa Gas Blow Back Pistol it is a 4.3 size slide running on a 5.1 lower frame the extra slide length is taken up with the fixed compensator.
its construction is an Alloy Slide and Frame, which gives it a realistic weight and makes it very tough.

The Pistol Grip covers are Polymer as you would expect, but have been Stippled to provide excellent Grip even when wearing Gloves. 
The Flared Magwell Extension Piece makes for much faster reloads, helping to guide the Magazine into the right position, and can be removed if you so wish.

The Slide is a ventilated design which looks great, and also helps reduce overall weight, which helps with gas efficiency and cycle speed  

A gnarly looking Compensator sits on the front of the Pistol and looks exceptionally cool when the slide is cycling. Underneath the frame you will find a 20mm Pistol Rail which can be used to install an accessory such as a Torch, Laser or Mini Grenade Launcher. 

A Beavertail Safety sits on the Pistol Grip, and won't let the Pistol fire unless it is being gripped properly. The Extended Magazine Release is threaded, allowing you to install extension plates if you want a larger button. 

The Pistol features an Adjustable Hop Unit, which is accessed by removing the Top Slide completely. To do this, line up the smaller cutout on the Slide with the Slide Release, push the Slide Release out completely and pull the Slide off the Frame forwards. Reverse these steps to re-install the Slide.

The Top Slide of the Pistol features High Profile Iron sights, which are very useful if you choose to use the included Sight Mount Plate to install a Red Dot Sight on the Slide. This included mount can be used to replace the plate on the Top of the Slide to install a standard Compact Red Dot Sight. The High Profile Iron sights are so that they can still be used if you have a Sight mounted to the Slide.

Included in the box is a 28rnd Gas Magazine, a User Manual and the R604 Pistol itself. If you're looking for a snappy and responsive Hi-Capa Platform that is made to a tough standard and can have a Red Dot Sight installed, then the Army Armament R604 is a good choice