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The R504 Hi-capa from Army Armament takes a diversion from the norm for Hi-capa styling. This pistol is more combat focussed than other Hi-capas, and as such foregoes the ports in the slide, enlarged controls and other sporty features in favour of an aggressively stippled pistol grip with trigger guard undercuts, snag-free low profile controls, and suppressor height sights. A thread adapter is pre-installed at the tip of the outer barrel, which provides a 14mm CCW male thread for mounting tracers, suppressors, or sound amplifiers, depending on your mission.

The slide, frame, and outer barrel of the R504 are made from robust alloy, giving that cold feel in the hand and a satisfying metal on metal noise as the pistol cycles. The front of the alloy frame provides a 20mm Picatinny pistol rail, which can be used to mount laser aiming modules, tactical flashlights, and other accessories. The pistol grip is made from polymer, as with many Hi-capas sporting the modular lower frame design, and features aggressive stippling in an attractive rectangular pattern, both keeping the pistol firmly in the shooter's hand, and adding to the militant styling of this pistol. The trigger features weight-reducing ports and is a linear design with a very short reset and tactile press. At the bottom of the pistol grip, there is an extended magazine well installed, which is smaller and more discrete than most Hi-capa magazine wells. This keeps the overall aesthetic of the mag well in line with the pistol's tactical appearance, whilst still providing an edge when it comes to fast reloads under pressure during a skirmish. The trigger guard features undercuts for the shooter's fingers, and ergonomic enhancement allowing a higher grip, making the recoil of the pistol easier to control. The magazine release can be found on the left side of the pistol grip, and is a low profile design ensuring the magazine does not get inadvertently released at a key moment. At the rear of the pistol grip we can find the extended beavertail grip safety, a feature the Hi-capa inherited from the venerable 1911 pistol on which it was based. The grip safety is easy to depress, and provides that extra bit of security to ensure the pistol does not go off when you don't intend it to, a concern which has particular relevance to the Hi-capa with its light, short and super-fast trigger action.

The manual safety of the R504 can be found at the rear of the frame and is mirrored on either side. This safety is very well placed, lying directly beneath the shooter's thumb when in a firing grip, for both left and right-handed shooters. When lowered to the firing position, the safety doubles as a "gas pedal", a device which provides the shooter with additional control over the pistol by pushing the thumb down onto the "pedal".

The slide of the R504 features stylish fluting to reduce weight, enhancing cycling speed without opening up ports in the slide through which dirt may enter the system. The sights provided on the R504 are raised suppressor height sights, with the front sight using a high vis white dot with anti-glare checkering, and the rear sight using black dots with the same anti-glare linear checkering, ensuring a clear sight picture in bright sunlight. The use of black dots for the rear sight is a very modern feature and prevents the shooter from becoming confused in the heat of combat and misaligning the sights. The slide of the R504 also includes a removable plate, just in front of the rear sight. This plate can be swapped with the one in the box, which will enable a Micro red dot sight to be mounted to the slide.

If you are looking for the famed Hi-capa performance but you aren't cool with the looks of the typical Hi-capa, the R504 may be something to consider. Bringing the race pistol to war, the R504 is well equipped to mount suppressors, tactical flashlights, a red dot sight, and any other accessories you can think of to give you the edge when the BBs hit the fan!


  • Alloy slide and subframe
  • Stippled polymer pistol grip
  • Optics ready with included side plate
  • 20mm Picatinny rail on the frame
  • Includes thread adapter providing 14mm CCW male thread
  • Trigger guard undercuts for enhanced comfort
  • Raised suppressor height sights
  • Fluted slide to reduce weight and increase cyclic rate
  • Beavertail Grip safety
  • Ambidextrous Manual safety
  • Enlarged Magazine well for fast reloads

Package Includes

  • Army Armament R504 Hi-capa GBB pistol
  • R504 GBB magazine
  • RDS mounting plate