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Probably one of the most common pistol types you will see at any airsoft game is the G / Glock series. These pistols come in all sizes from the concealed carry Glock 42 to the full auto extended slide G35.
The one thing that most G Series pistol share is their design, this is where real steel company’s like Agency Arms, Sailent to name two come in to the market and offer full custom builds, changing Slides improvements to the frame in shape, grip texture etc. But this comes at a cost, the same is true in Airsoft you can buy different slide kits and these can run in to hundreds of pounds, frames can be shaped and stippled but this again all adds up.

Army Armaments have looked at the market and produced two New models in the R17 range.

The frame has had the following modifications

Finger Grooves removed, Under cut on trigger guard, mag release button well increased and hand stippled.

On top of the frame is an Overbite Slide by Statement Defence. This slide is different from the normal slide you can get as it’s got some aggressive cuts in the rear to allow the slide to be racked even if you have wet gloved hands A from red fibre optic sight allows for quick target acquisition and for those player who want to add an RDS the slide has a RMR plate.

It doesn’t finish there though Army have taken the upgrade wand to the Internals fitting a lightweight blow back housing and steel hammer parts, which is something you don’t see normally on stock guns.

The pistol being green gas based, makes using it very flexible and with basic TM magazine compatibility, the user can opt to use a wide range of magazines.  


  • Length: 210mm
  • Weight: 716g
  • Power Source: Green Gas
  • Materials: Metal Slide / Polymer Frame
  • Recoil: YES
  • Hop Up: Adjustable 
  • Magazine Capacity: 25rds 
  • Magazine Compatibility: Tokyo Marui Compatible G Series Gas Magazines
  • FPS: Approx. 300 +/-
  • Firing Modes: Semi-Auto


  • x1 Army Armament SD Style 17 RMR GBB
  • x1 Magazine