Armorer Works -Custom G Series Hex Cut G17 VX0101- Black

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ARMORER WORKS - G-Series VX0101 Black Slide Black Frame is a Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol designed by ARMORER WORKS as part of their AW CUSTOM range of pistols. Every part of this pistol has been customised, and is based on the G-Series G17, and features a highly customized Alloy Frame, with a customized Polymer Frame with Alloy Internals.

The Slide of the pistol features Armourer Works customized Hex-Pattern Design, with cut-outs designed to reduce the weight of the Slide for a crisper blowback action, which works in conjunction with the upgraded internals for higher performance.

The Frame is also highly customized, featuring the same Hex Cut pattern as the slide, and features Stippling which is designed to increase the grip on the pistol, making it great for Glove Users as well. The bottom of the frame also features an extended flared magazine well, which guides the magazine into place when reloading for a faster and more efficient reload. In addition to all the advanced features the pistol also retains the original features of the pistol, with a two-stage trigger to prevent accidental discharge and a front Pistol Rail designed to accept a range of aftermarket Pistol Torches and Lasers. Internal the pistol features an adjustable Hop-Up unit, which adds spin to the BBs as they are fired to add range and accuracy to all shots.

This pistol is perfect for those who are looking for a highly customised and upgraded Airsoft, that out of the box shoots perfectly, and stands out from the crowd.