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The Brugger & Thomet APC9 or the Advanced Police Carbine is a submachine gun produced and manufactured by B&T of Switzerland. Announced in 2011, the standard series uses standard 9x19mm (APC9), .40 S&W (APC40), 10mm Auto (APC10), and .45 ACP (APC45) ammunition and on March 29, 2019, B&T was awarded a contract in the U.S. Army's Sub Compact Weapon Production-Other Transaction Agreement (P-OTA) competition for its APC9K submachine gun, APC9K is the compact version of the original APC9 with K meaning Kurz or short in German.

The ARCHWICK B&T Licensed APC9K PRO GBB Airsoft SMG is finally here, for people who have been following airsoft news, this has taken its sweet time to become a reality and people have been wanting an APC9 in gas blowback form ever since Arrow Arms made an AEG Verison of the APC9-K. There is a reason why it took so long for a GBB to become a reality, and that is because ARCHWICK being a company that focuses on attention to detail, they actually took their time and got all the real schematics of the real APC9K from B&T to make sure that this airsoft replica is the most realistic and faithful replica of the real B&T APC9K!

So, other than being a complete 1:1 spec of the real deal, this airsoft SMG is made out of quality materials. The upper receiver and the bolt are made of CNC aluminum while parts like the outer barrel, flash hider, stock tube, and fire control unit are of steel making this a robust replica. The controls are fairly simple, and they are all ambidextrous, if you've ever used an AR-15 / M4, SCAR, or BREN-2, you will find it quite easy to get used to. (Sorry AK users)

The attention to detail on ARCHWICK's part extends to even the muzzle, you will notice that it has a tri-lug flash hider similar to the MP5, that is because it is an MP5 spec tri-lug because not all airsoft MP5 muzzle devices are up to spec with the real steel specifications, it could be an issue to find a suitable tri-lug muzzle device, but that's okay, because just like the real thing, under the tri-lug hides 14mm CCW threadings allowing you to fit any airsoft tracer units or other muzzle devices to your liking.

Finally, the included 30-round proprietary green gas magazine has a nice rubber shock pad to take some shock if you were to drop it. Also, this airsoft gun is dual-powered with CO2 magazines hitting the market very soon!


The licensed replica of the US Army's newest SMG - B & T Air APC9 Series GBB represents the ultimate in performance, reliability, and accuracy.

  • Precision CNC T6061T6 Aluminum Upper Receiver, MILSPEC Type III hard anodized finish

  • Precision CNC T6061T6 Aluminum Handguard, and mock suppressor (SD models)

  • Precision CNC T6061T6 Aluminum Billet Bolt Receiver

  • Precision CNC S45C Steel Internal Parts

  • Bolt Lock Buffer

  • Feed Nozzle Buffer

  • Steel Outer barrel with thread on Tri-lug flash hider

  • Steel 12mm to 14mm CCW thread adaptor

  • 6.03mm precision honed inner barrel

  • TDC Direct Pressure Hop Up Unit with TM MWS Spec Bucking

  • Aluminum ambidextrous non reciprocating charging handle

  • Multi position steel telescoping stock with rubber buttpad (K models)

  • IMI Style flip up sights set

  • AR Style pistol grip

  • M-LOK interface

  • 1913STD. accessory rails

  • Front sling mount / hand stop