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Have you got the Edge ?

APS ASR 115 is a match grade Airsoft gun and features a 12.5 inch KeyMod Hand Guard and a pair Fiber Optic back up sight that not only perform perfect in tactical situations, but also easy customised

12.5 inch KeyMod Hand Guard
Keymod is the name given to a universal interface system for firearm accessory components in an effort to establish a system superior to the MIL-STD-1913 accessory rails currently in use. Keymod system is an open-source designed by Eric Kincel. This system consists of two parts, the KeyMod slot, and the KeyMod nut.
This system is intended to be used as a direct attachment method for firearm accessories such as flash light mounts, laser modules, sights, scope mounts, vertical grips, rail panels, hand stops, barricade supports, and many others.
The long 12.5 inch barrel improves the grouping and accuracy of the gun.

Fiber Optic Side Mounted Sights
ASR115 standard comes with a pair of Fiber Optic side-mounted sights. The use of the side-mounted sights allow someone particularly in Law Enforcement or military to shoot from behind cover at a much lower profile than if you would shoot normal. It also takes away the problem of sight over bore ratio having the sights and muzzle parallel with your cover rather than perpendicular.
In an Airsoft if you were out of luck that your primary optics sight was out of order, and you did not realize it until you were bringing your weapon up to engage a target., you would have literally killed some one to have the option to have back up sights that were at an offset. A twist of the wrist is much quicker than looking or feeling for a quick release, and you don't have to reacquire your target before pulling the trigger. Also it does not require you to remove your firing OR non firing hand from your weapon.

Increase Maneuverability
ASR115 comes with High Cap Polymer Magazine. The weight of the magazine is 40% lighter than the traditional metal magazine reducing overall weight of the gun and increase maneuverability.

Enhance the beauty of the gun
ASR115 engraved a beautiful SPYDER logo on the lower receiver. Anti Rotation Links are on the lower receiver to increase the degree of realism.

Silver Edge Gear Box
ASR115 comes with Silver Edge Gear Box. -
A unique technology that is used to polish and buff the Gear Box surface, which leads to an extreme smoother and brighter finish. This kind of finishing remove burrs and other surface flaws. Less friction of the gear box parts will result in lower ampere. With the use of 8mm German made bearing bushing, bearing Spring Guide and bearing piston head, the running of the Gear Box is so smooth that with Blow Back Function On, the ampere is just under 12A. It saves the battery and increases the durability of your gear box in all time.

To conclude, ASR115 is a precision airsoft rifle. The accuracy of this gun is superb.

Caliber: 6mm BB
Inner barrel size: 6.04mm
Battery Source: 8.4v Ni-MH Battery
Silver Edge Gear Box Installed
8mm Bearing Gearbox
Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
Plastic Butt Stock and Hand Grip
Metal Body, Gear Box, KeyMod Hand Guard and Magazine
Rate of Fire: 750 ~ 850 Rounds Per minute
Magazine Capacity : 300 Rounds
Length 83cm(L) x 23cm(H) x 7cm(W)
Weight: 3.8kg