A&K - Masada ACR (ACW Rifle)

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If you have always wanted to own a Masada but can't justify the £400 price tag of the Magpul version, then this is the puppy is for you.

A&K produces 3 versions (CQB, Rifle and Sniper) differing kind of stocks, barrel length, or handguard.

The handguard, lower receiver with a pistol grip, stock and magazine are made of durable polymer. And upper receiver, folding sights and barrel with high-quality aluminium.

Thanks to this performance and ergonomic design the rifle has a very good mobility and excellent handling and also thanks to the such elements as: ambidextrous safety selector lever, ambidextrous magazine release button, ambidextrous bolt catch, double-sided charging handle, 2x QD sling attachment and folding and six-position telescoping stock.

An additional feature of this replica is a quick-change barrel system, along with the whole hop-up chamber.
The rifle can be fitted with many add-ons: red dot, rifle scope, silencer, laser sight, bipod etc.

New Gearbox V.2 with quick change spring system
M130 spring
Chrome bore-up cylinder
Reinforced metal cylinder head(bore up type matched for the silent system)
Reinforced silent type piston head with Ball Bearings
Hi-torque motor
All steel gears are In steel bushings 8mm
Spring guide is standard-metal reinforced with Ball Bearing
Low resistance gearbox wiring
Dedicated Hop-Up chamber compatible with GUARDER rubber and with other TM-standard Hop-Up rubbers.