AimO - G33 3x Magnifier

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Aim-O ET Style G33 3x Magnifier

The G33 magnifier by AimO is a 3x magnifier designed to go behind your red dot or holo sight and provide magnification. It is fitted with a side-folding mount so you can quickly move it to the side for CQB situations without having to actually remove it.

It fixes onto a 20mm rail with a locking QD mount providing excellent stability. You can remove the two screws underneath and remove the magnifier allowing you to turn it round which enables either left or right side folding depending on your preference.


  • G33 Magnifier ET STYLE
  • magnification: fixed 3X
  • quick overview
  • standard 20mm folding attachment (QUICK RELEASE)
  • weight: approx 320gr
  • Colour: BLACK
  • length: 112mm
  • material: METAL
  • calibration adjustments