AGM Sten Rifle MK2

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This is the AGM full metal sten. This iconic weapon became the most Common british smg of ww2. Is weight has been carried accross to the airsoft version which ads a real factor

Weight: 2650 g

Magazine model: steel

Gearbox version: 7

Magazine model: low-cap

Muzzle velocity: 320 fps

Battery connector type: small Tamiya

Magazine capacity: 55 BBs

Accumulator capacitance: 1100 mAh

Material: steel

Color: black

Length: 770 mm

Muzzle energy: 0,95 J

Length of internal barrel: 220 mm

Fire mode: auto

Born out of wartime expediency the STEN Gun is an uncomplicated and simple design. The externals are almost entirely constructed from Alloy. The real STEN was rapidly built in factories and even bicycle repair shops, often cobbled together from whatever parts were available at the time, this Airsoft Gun replicates this haphazard manner of assembly. It features the simplified Barrel Sleeve, Protruding Barrel and Magazine Guard assemblies of the MK.2 STEN, with the simplified Fixed Tubular T Stock of the MK.1* STEN. Just like the real MK.2, by pulling a catch the Magazine Well can be rotated under the gun, allowing the STEN to be rested on its side when not in use, saving space. The Stock is fixed in place during use; however it can be removed to access the internal Battery Space. The controls of the STEN are simple; there is no Fire Selector or Safety setting, and the Iron Sights are fixed in place. Forget all your modern Tactical Railed kit; its time to head back to basics. The STEN MK.2 AEG is the perfect weapon of choice for the history loving Airsofter!

Other Features: 

  • Authentic Replica of Legendary WW2 Allied SMG
  • Compact SMG
  • Magazine Well Rotates under gun for storage
  • Movable Charging Handle
  • Rear Wired Gearbox
  • Fixed Stock
  • Battery Storage in Stock
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Simple to Use
  • Fixed Iron Sights