AGM Sten AEG (Full Metal - Black - AGM-058)w3

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The STEN was a family of British submachine guns chambered in 9×19mm and used extensively by British and Commonwealth forces throughout World War II and the Korean War. They had a simple design and very low production cost, so they were also effective insurgency weapons for resistance groups.

STEN is an acronym, from the names of the weapon's chief designers, Major Reginald V. Shepherd and Harold Turpin, and EN for Enfield. Over four million STENs in various versions were made in the 1940s.

This STEN from AGM boasts full steel externals and a full size version 7 AEG gearbox. This AEG is full auto only and uses the same magazines as the AGM MP40.

  • Compact SMG
  • Magazine Well Rotates under gun for storage
  • Movable Charging Handle
  • Rear Wired Gearbox
  • Fixed Stock
  • Battery Storage in Stock
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Simple to Use
  • Fixed Iron Sights
  • AGM - STEN Rifle MK.2
  • 50rnd Low Cap Magazine