Action Army - T11 Bolt Action Sniper

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Another fantastic product from Action Army Taiwan, who in our opinion make the best quality rifles for the price.

Action Army have long been known for the extremely high quality of their upgrade parts, starting with the VSR, then moving onto other rifle types as their business progressed.. Their own T10 VSR bolt action 'copy' was in fact a complete re-design and improvement on the original Tokyo Marui version.

Now, Ivan, the founder of Action Army, along with his highly skilled and focused team have come up with a re-design all over again.

They have simplified the construction by creating what is predominantly a one-piece receiver. Then they though "What about the same rifle but for CQB or closer environment battle, or even concealed?" How about an easy to carry back-up sniper!? There's the sniper role completely reversed :)



  • 430mm x 6.03 Inner Barrel (Option to fit a longer barrel through the end cap or swap out for the Action Army Suppressor Adaptor for the G-Spec)
  • One Piece Upper Receiver
  • 90 Degree Trigger and Piston
  • 50rd AAC VSR Magazine
  • Standard VSR Hop Adjust arm at the side of the outer barrel
  • Set of Hex keys included and space to store other things in the fake magazine!
  • Dual Sided QD Sling Points
  • Large Charging Handle
  • Quick Swap Stock
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Custom side/underside mounting system for future products like rail pieces
  • Movable Sling/Bi-Pod Stud
  • Fully compatible with ALL VSR upgrades!