ACM - 552 Style Holographic Sight (E0tech)

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These sights are small, accurate and lightweight and show unparalleled performance when compared to cheap replica holographic sights. 

These are a good trade up from standard iron sights and a must have for any airsofter looking to customise the look of the weapon, combine the use of a magnifier (available separately) and you are good for both close CQB games and longer range spotting.  

There are 2 colour modes and each has 5 brightness settings. More specifications below.

1x 552 Holographic Sight
Colour Modes Green/Red
5 Brightness Settings
Shockproof and weather proof material
Quick Detachable QD Design for fast install / detachment
Mount on any 20mm weaver standard rail
Anti-glare reflective coating on front facing lens also give good optical clarity
1x Magnification
Weight Approx 260 grams
Auto shutdown